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Dalauan Sparrow , LTG, or Low Tier God, was born 1984 in the United States and grew up in a rough neighborhood. From a young age, he developed a sharp tongue and a talent for verbal sparring, often getting into heated debates with friends and strangers alike.

As he grew older, LTG became interested in online gaming, particularly in fighting games. He quickly discovered that he had a talent for the genre and began to compete in online tournaments. His sharp wit and trash-talking skills earned him a reputation as a formidable opponent, and he soon gained a following of fans.

LTG's ability to quickly analyze his opponents' weaknesses and exploit them with precision moves made him a force to be reckoned with in the online gaming community. He also developed a reputation for his harsh criticism of other players, often going to great lengths to call out their mistakes and shortcomings.

Over time, LTG's fame as a gamer and debater grew, and he became known as low tier god among his followers. His popularity continues to grow, and he remains a dominant force in the online gaming and debating worlds.

After LTG's reputation as a low tier god and his immortality became widely known, Sameleiren FC became interested in recruiting him to their team. They had heard about his unparalleled debating skills and believed that his immortality could be a valuable asset on the pitch.

At first, LTG was hesitant to join Sameleiren FC. He had never played football before and wasn't sure if he would be a good fit for the team. However, Sameleiren FC's scouts were persistent and eventually convinced LTG to give football a try.

To their surprise, LTG was a natural on the pitch. His immortality made him incredibly fast and strong, and he quickly mastered the techniques required to be a successful football player. His ability to analyze and exploit his opponents' weaknesses also proved to be a valuable asset, allowing him to make strategic plays and score goals with ease.

As he continued to play for Sameleiren FC, LTG's reputation as a low tier god only grew stronger. Fans from all over the world came to see him play, eager to witness his seemingly supernatural abilities on the pitch. And even though LTG was technically mortal in the sense that he could be injured or killed, his immortality allowed him to push his body to its limits without fear of consequence.